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Northern Emeralds Featured on KQED Newsroom!

Northern Emeralds Featured on KQED Newsroom!

Northern California's biggest public media station stopped by Northern Emeralds' operation in Humboldt County recently.

Founder and CEO Cody Stross provided San Francisco-based KQED Newsroom an insider's view of a connoisseur-grade cannabis business on the threshold of legalization -- and also provided a few clues as to why Northern Emeralds commands platinum status in the current California cannabis marketplace.

Viewers received a peek inside Northern Emeralds' production, processing, and marketing stages, and heard directly from founder and CEO Cody Stross about what it's like to run a fully compliant medical cannabis business in the months before recreational legalization.

Put simply: it's still a big risk.

"Making Humboldt County the 'Napa Valley of Cannabis' takes a great leap of faith," the television station's reporter notes.

"People think we're raking in the dough -- it's really not that way," says Stross, who notes that being a transparent producer requires taking risks -- with service providers, from payroll to construction, who charge a cannabis businesses a premium, as well as with law enforcement. In the end, the reward is about being a pioneer, not a profiteer.

"It's a relief we have the opportunity to come out of the shadows," Stross says. "It's a lot more work, but it's a big relief."

Fun facts: 

*Northern Emeralds uses power derived from renewable sources and recycles as much as 85 percent of the water we use;

*There are as many as 12,000 marijuana-growing operations in Humboldt County, but we are one of the few that has gone through all the available permitting processes to become fully compliant with current state and local law;

*We produce anywhere from 50 to 100 pounds a month and can't seem to meet the demand -- but any end product that does not meet our strict quality guidelines is immediately downgraded. 

Check out the full segment below!