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15 cannabis strains to take Pride in this year

15 cannabis strains to take Pride in this year


15 cannabis strains to take Pride in this year

June 10, 2021

Pride month celebrants and allies nationwide have more freedom to chose legal cannabis—indeed, multiple lab-tested types of it—than ever before.

Across the US, there’s 18 legalized states, and 65% of the country supports a consenting adult’s freedom to walk into a well-regulated store and buy weed.

The question becomes, exactly what weed should you smoke for Pride month, our nation’s annual nod to equal rights for sexual orientation?

First and foremost, there are different effects to consider, but flavors must resonate, too. Then there’s who’s growing it and selling it. Here, the queer weed community and supporters sounded off on 15-ish cannabis cultivars to take Pride in this month.

Marching, biking, riding all day

Gay rights and weed legalization have been inextricably combined since the late ‘60s. Pride occurs in June to commemorate the Stonewall riots of June 28-July 3, 1969.

“Pride is both a jubilant communal celebration of visibility and a personal celebration of self-worth and dignity,” the White House stated June 1, honoring the month of parades, parties, and reflection on equality

You can always keep Pride pairings simple—broad, effect-based, pre-made joints in sativa or hybrid are in season this June, from San Francisco to Bangor, Maine. For example:

  • Proof Prerolls offer uplifting sativa sticks from ‘queer-to-table’ Ventoso Farms of Mendocino County, CA.
  • Woman-founded, queer-led Besito also sells sativa or hybrid prerolls. They help dispensary shoppers who don’t know a specific strain, Besito founder Maggie Connors.

“I don’t know if consumers will think in these categories forever,” said Connors. “But it does help guide the experience and the desired end state.”

As for other daytime strains that pair with pride, the heat is on sweet, powerful Red Congolese. For sativa hybrids, look for balanced, fun Black Jack, on sale from queer-owned SPARC in California.

For more centered hybrids, SPARC has fresh, best-selling Blue Dream, and they know their stuff. SPARC founder Erich Pearson has led the company with empathy for 20 years, giving away cannabis to terminal AIDS patients.

Over in Maine, Instagram stars Lee and Sue at @420oldfatlesbians gave a special Leafly shout-out to the tropical, citrusy, daytime Guava Tangie.

Partying and vibing into night

As day turns to night, you want to relax without passing out, meaning it’s time for a chill hybrid.

For example, OG Kushes and family are what people want to feel at this time in the day.

David Goldman, head of the Brownie Mary Democratic Club of San Francisco, agrees—you can’t have Pride without OGs. He’s celebrating this month with Cypress OG, “a classic Kush experience not to be missed.”

SPARC’s got an Alien OG that’s “flying off the shelves,” said Connors at Besito. SPARC announced it acquired Besito on June 2.

“That Alien OG is awesome,” she said.

Cousin to OG, Diesels will also get you there. Specifically, Northern Emeralds’ Maui Diesel has classic diesel power with a mellowing, tropical top note.

Maggie’s all about it. Besito sells a Diesel parent Chemdog that’s great for June. Maggie also grows her own Diesel offspring, Original Glue, that staff dub Margarita’s Reserve.

“We love a little indica-leaning strain to get us relaxed on the couch in creative brainstorms in the afternoons—what we call high-deas,” Connors said.

For the after-party, OG-grandchild and powerful, flavorful Slurricane combines Do-Si-Dos and Purple Punch.

For the after-after-party, break out the Cookies and Cakes—they’re tasty and sedating.

Lee and Sue-approved Wedding Cake takes the #1 spot for Leafly strain traffic in multiple states. (A 2020 study published in the journal LGBT Health found LGBTQIA smoke more weed than straight folk—as in, 11% of gay people reported being daily burners, versus 4% of straight people.)