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Fresh Drop! Visit Elemental Wellness in San Jose.

We hope you're enjoying the springtime weather as much as the next person with seasonal allergies. (Not that we're talking about ourselves; no, not at all.)

Get out in the sun and head out under clear blue skies to our friends at Elemental Wellness in San Jose, the lucky partner of ours to receive the most-recent fresh drop of Northern Emeralds cannabis.

At Elemental Wellness, 985 Timothy Drive in San Jose, ask for Moonstone Kush or Sapphire Kush.

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The Worst the Feds and Donald Trump Can Do to Marijuana: Bullying

Image credit: Flickr

Earlier this month, High Times had a Cannabis Cup out in the Nevada desert near Las Vegas. There was music, there was merchandise—but there was no marijuana.

All the smoking, all the dabbing, all the edibles and the whole purpose for the gathering in the first place—the prestigious cannabis competition—was canceled, after event organizers received a threatening message from Donald Trump’s man on the group: the local United States attorney.

As The Las Vegas Review-Journal recounted, Daniel Bogden, the U.S. attorney for Nevada, sent a stark warning before the Cup could commence: Anyone using marijuana at the festival, including medical-marijuana patients as well as all adults over 21 (all of whom can use marijuana legally in Nevada now), risked federal drug charges.

While ending up in federal prison for cannabis use may sound far-fetched, other U.S. attorneys in other jurisdictions have sent people to prison for tiny amounts of other drugs—but in any event, it was the threat that mattered. All cannabis was removed, and the plan to celebrate Nevada’s legalization of marijuana was canceled. Nothing actually happened, mind you—but the threat of something was more than enough.

In the ensuring weeks, the threats grew bigger. At nearly every turn, Bogden’s boss, U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions, spoke ill of marijuana and cannabis legalization. “I think it’s a more dangerous drug than a lot of people realize,” he said on March 9. Less than a week later, he planned to double-down and declare marijuana “only slightly less awful” than heroin, but experienced cold feet and merely said instead that trying to solve the opiate crisis by substituting marijuana was “stupid.”

But here’s the thing. Two months of threats has resulted in exactly zero action. And the way things are going for Team Trump, a vastly unpopular war on weed is the last problem they need.

The Trump Administration has prided itself on being quick to act and follow through on campaign promises. Witness the executive orders on immigration and the vow to repeal and replace Obamacare. The executive branch took swift action, which resulted in total, ignominious failure.

If Sessions were serious about cracking down on cannabis, he’d have sent out feelers already. Instead, he’s since admitted, on record, that he can’t stop marijuana legalization.

But he can try and put the scare to us, like his underling did with the Cannabis Cup. It’ll be up to the first brave marijuana outfit to call his bluff to expose Sessions as a blustering phony, just like his unreliable golf-loving boss.

Latest Drops! Berkeley, San Jose, and All Over Los Angeles!

We love L.A., and we're proud to say L.A. loves us back. Please visit our new friends at New Amsterdam Naturals. They've won multiple cannabis cups, which means they're as committed to top quality as we are.

The love doesn't stop there, and it goes all the way to the Bay. Scroll down for the latest drops all over the state, and keep checking back here for more updates!


CANNVIS delivery, Oakland.
Moonstone Kush

Berkeley Patients Care Center, 2590 Telegraph Ave., Berkeley.
Sapphire Kush.

Canna Culture Collective, 3591 Charter Park Dr., San Jose.
Moonstone Kush
Purple Lotus Patient Center, 752 Commercial St #20, San Jose.
Sapphire Kush



99 High Tide, 22775 Pacific Coast Highway, Malibu.
Sapphire Kush, Moonstone Kush

BSE, 2000 Cotner Ave., Los Angeles.
Moonstone Kush, Titan OG, Sapphire Kush.

Bodhi Sattva, 440 1/2 N. La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood.
Titan OG

City Compassionate Caregivers, 182 S. Alvarado St., Los Angeles.
Titan OG

L.A. Wonderland, 150 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles.
Moonstone Kush, Titan OG.

The New Amsterdam, 9021 Exposition Blvd., Los Angeles.
Titan OG, Sapphire Kush.
TLC Collective, 3650 E. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles.
Titan OG, Moonstone Kush, Sapphire Kush.
The Kind Center, 1944 N. Cahuenga Blvd., Los Angeles.
Durban Poison.

Why (And How) To Use Marijuana At Work, And Why Your Boss Approves

Image credit: Flickr.

Jeff Zucker is the boss at a Denver-based company, and he wants to get the most out of his employees—even if that means they consume a little bit of cannabis while at their desks.

After all, as Zucker told Bloomberg News earlier this month, he does the same. Zucker, the CEO of Denver-based Green Lion Partners, gobbles a THC-infused gummy whenever he feels the need to be “more focused and creative.”

This is marijuana “microdosing,” a THC and CBD version of a well-known trend that’s been alive in Silicon Valley offices for years. The concept of taking tiny, barely noticeable doses of LSD while at work to light up the brain in positive ways while retaining function is popular among some CEOs as well as with medical researchers.

It’s in line with the phenomenon of “nootropics,” or smart drugs taken to enhance productivity, creativity, and otherwise “hack the brain” to maximize its potential.
But if you can microdose LSD and “smart drugs,” why not cannabis?

The answer is that you can, and depending on what outcome you’re seeking, you probably should.

Low-dose edibles are quickly becoming one of the cannabis industry’s more popular offerings. Low-dose mints, with five milligrams of THC, are the top-selling edible in Washington state, according to Bloomberg. Other products with 10 milligrams of THC or lower are beginner-friendly and are attractive even to seasoned cannabis consumers seeking a predictable, enjoyable, and functional experience (rather than a mind-bending, days-long ordeal brought on by a super-strength edible).

Doses of this size allow cannabis patients to enjoy the anti-anxiety, anti-inflammatory, pain relief, and other benefits of medical marijuana while still retaining the focus and control necessary to complete office tasks in the orderly, predictable manner demanded of us by society.

While some artists, writers, and other creatives may be able to spend hours lost in a dream-like haze, microdosing allows the rest of us to achieve a balanced high—or perhaps not even a high. More like an elevation, comparable to the effect of drinking a cup of coffee.

"People aren't using drugs to get blasted into outer space," said Christie Strong, a spokeswoman for KIVA confections, in comments to Bloomberg. "In a small amount, people are finding they are having more focus, instead of that typical cannabis experience when they're a little distracted and hazy."

But what about microdosing cannabis flower? It is possible, though care must be taken to ensure that you don’t become more medicated that desired. With high-end flower like Northern Emeralds’, try a tiny pinch of flower in a vaporizer or other precise delivery mechanism. (Maybe even one of those metal one-hitters that resembles a cigarette.)

Try it off of work hours or on the weekend first. Once you find your perfect dose, then you’ve found the ideal marijuana workmate.

Keep in mind that in most states, your employer does have the right to fire you for using medical marijuana. But if they haven't made you submit to a drug test already, chances are they won't now.

And remember: Everyone else around you is on plenty of drugs already, for pain, anxiety, attention-deficit disorder, you name it. Microdosing cannabis will make you the safest, sanest, and possibly most sober one of the bunch.

The First Fresh Drops of (Fake) Spring Are (Really) Here!

Bad news: spring is coming earlier and earlier.

But, hey, good news: that means spring is here!

California weather is back, the days are longer--and with daylight saving time beginning on Sunday, sundown will be on the right side of 7 p.m. again before we know it.

Use the “extra” time wisely. May we suggest you begin by picking up the latest batch of Northern Emeralds? Fresh drops away!

Purple Lotus Patient Center, 752 Commercial St #20, San Jose.
Sapphire Kush.

Magnolia Oakland, 161 Adeline St, Oakland.
Sapphire Kush.

California Caregivers Alliance, 2815 W. Sunset Blvd. # 201, Los Angeles.
Sapphire Kush.
Titan OG.

Bodhi Sattva, 440 1/2 N. La Cienega Blvd, West Hollywood.
Sapphire Kush.

City Compassionate Caregivers, 182 S. Alvarado St., Los Angeles.
Titan OG.

Cornerstone Collective, 2551 Colorado Blvd., Los Angeles.
Moonstone Kush.
Sapphire Kush.